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About Us

Anne Watson, Proprietor

Anne is a mental health professional who has worked in public mental health services for many years in a variety of roles (clinician, manager, educator) and in a variety of programs across age groups from Child and Adolescent to the Elderly. She has considerable experience in delivering groupwork (parents, carers, young people, professionals) and education and training in diverse settings from the corporate sector to the community.

In professional settings she has delivered to the Education sector (University, TAFE, Secondary and Primary schools), the Health, Mental Health and Welfare sectors and others (e.g. Paramedics, Police and Management). Anne also has ample experience in facilitating conferences and seminars and does this in a style that enables participants to feel comfortable and keen to contribute and learn.

Anne works with LivingWorks on the International Quality Assurance Team where she provides support and mentoring to less experienced trainers from around the world. She is also one of only eight trainers in Australia who is qualified to work as a Training Coach to prepare candidates to become ASIST Trainers.

GET Mental Health & Wellbeing operates throughout Victoria, mainly reaching the Central Highlands, Grampians/Pyrenees and Wimmera areas of the Grampians region. If you want to learn about mental health and wellbeing in a way that is interactive, interesting, informative, useful, fun, supportive and relevant to you then GET Mental Health & Wellbeing.

GET Mental Health & Wellbeing can also connect you to other education, training and programs in the area of mental health and wellbeing.

Our Services are:


Our training programs are constantly reviewed and updated to reflect the latest evidence based best practices.


We adhere to the highest professional standards and approach this important and valuable work in a careful and respectful way.

Interactive & Engaging

Our training programs get you up on your feet and thinking! Participation is encouraged at your individual comfort level.


All clients, case studies & trainees will be treated with respect and empathy.

Our Courses

The courses below are our most popular courses, but represent only a small selection of the available courses we can run. Contact us to discuss your individual training requirements.

Mental Health First Aid course

Mental Health First Aid

These intensive workshops teach participants how to assist someone who is developing a mental health problem or in a mental health crisis. This help or first aid is given until appropriate professional treatment is received or until the crisis resolves. Purpose built two-day courses include Standard, Youth, Medical & Nursing Students. A shorter course for Teens is also available.


Applied Suicide Intervention Skills

ASIST trains participants to become better prepared to recognise when someone may be thinking of suicide, respond in ways that clarify and address suicide risk, understand why suicide thoughts are present, work together to review risk and increase safety and facilitate links with further help.

Mental Health course

What is Mental Health?

What is Mental Health/What is Mental Illness is a short education session to help reduce the stigma associated with mental health and mental illness by providing an engaging method of differentiating between these terms and explaining how the concepts may relate to individual participants and/or the people they work with.

Mental Health First Aid course

Blended Mental Health First Aid

These Mental Health First Aid courses consist of an online, e-learning component completed at the participant's own pace, followed by a half-day face-to-face session to consolidate the skills and knowledge learnt.

GET Mental Health & Wellbeing are fully licensed and accredited trainers with Mental Health First Aid International, LivingWorks Australia, Partners in Depression and Tuning Into Kids

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Taking Bookings

To find out more about our courses scheduled for 2017, please press the button below.

Our 2017 Calendar

Standard Mental Health First Aid Course

Where: Ballarat Community Health - Lucas site: 12 Lilburne St Lucas
When: Wednesday 26th August & Thursday 27th April, 9am to 4:30pm
Instructor: Anne Watson
Cost: $275-00 (GST Inclusive) Generous discounts for students, volunteers and carers are available.

This course teaches first aid skills for adult members of the public to give initial help to adults experiencing mental health problems, in a mental health crisis situation, or in the early stages of a mental illness. Participants will be able to gain accreditation as a Mental Health First Aider after completion of the course.

You will learn about depression, anxiety, eating disorders, psychoses and substance misuse as they apply to adults and how to assist in crisis situations such as suicide, non-suicidal self-injury, panic attack, traumatic events and many more.

MHFA Flyer 2017

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

Where: Ballarat Community Health - Sebastopol site: 260 Vickers St Sebastopol
When: Thursday 23rd March & Friday 24th March, 9am to 5pm
Instructor: Anne Watson
Cost: $352-00 (GST Inclusive) Generous discounts for students, volunteers and carers are available.

Anyone could face a situation where suicide first aid is needed. ASIST can be applied in everyday situations, in a professional role and in volunteer situations.

In an ASIST workshop you will become better prepared to:

  • Recognise when someone may be thinking of suicide
  • Respond in ways that clarify and address suicide risk
  • Understand why suicide thoughts are present
  • Work together to review risk and increase safety
  • Facilitate links with further help

ASIST Flyer 2017

If you would like further details about a course, please fill out this form with your query.


“The Mental Health First Aid training I did with Anne was one of the best courses I have ever done. It empowers everyone to help others and equipped me to care more confidently for people having a mental health crisis - not just at work but also in my private life.”
Jim - Paramedic
“Anne Watson is a great educator, very highly skilled in facilitating professional learning and working with individuals and small to extremely large groups. Anne brings enormous knowledge, practical experience, humour and genuine understanding, professionalism and empathy to all aspects of her work.”
Jacqueline – KidsMatter
“I have worked as a clinician in a mental health field for many years. ASIST training is fundamental to the care of people with mental health issues and I recommend it as a course and Anne as a trainer. I have also worked with Anne delivering this and other workshops. Anne’s vibrant personality and wealth of experience make for a workshop of the highest quality. She is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her.”
Michelle – Psychologist
“Wimmera PCP has used Anne Watson extensively for training across our region over a number of years. Anne’s facilitation has always been well received with much positive feed back from participants. From an organisational point of view Anne has been a pleasure to work with, always completing work as agreed and delivering timely evaluation reports. She has a well developed understanding of the Wimmera, its health services and communities which adds value to her work with us.”
Mandi Stewart – Wimmera Primary Care Partnership
“I have known Anne’s work for many years and my staff during this time have attended workshops she has delivered. I have also had some involvement is securing her as a facilitator several times for a major conference. Anne is an absolute joy to work with as she brings vitality and enthusiasm to her vision of promoting good mental health and assisting others to ‘get it’.”
Marilyn – Manager Psychiatric Disability Support Service
“The training develops fundamental skills and has given me the confidence to go the extra step in helping someone with a potentially serious mental health situation. Do this course with Anne - you could positively change someone’s life! Don’t miss it!”
Dean – Powercor

How to Contact Us

If you'd like to understand more about our courses or to make a booking, please either call or email us at your convenience.